Canal House Panama is your paradise away from home. It is a great place to be whether you are in a business travel or you are traveling for pleasure or for a vacation. You will have a very nice time here. The surroundings are great and you can get the peace and quiet you are craving for here. Plus, it is near everything so you will not have a hard time reaching every place. You do not anymore need a ride to and from the tourist attractions because you can already reach them just via walking. In the process, you can even enjoy the variety of sceneries available. This is a highly recommended place.


Went here for my honeymoon and the staff was very accommodating. They really helped us all throughout our whole stay. The place is very clean. The amenities are very modern too which is really amazing since the whole place looks a traditional mansion from a long time ago. But then again, this just adds to the appeal of the place. Either way, the whole place is one-of-a-kind. This is the reason why we did not anymore continue with our transfer to another hotel. Supposedly, we are going for a hotel hopping but we halted the idea because Canal House Panama is already great.


Any traveler would enjoy this place. Unlike other hotels and other bed and breakfast, this is a more intimate place because of their limited room. You will not be crowded which allows you to enjoy the place better. You can have also your must-needed alone time and relaxation in this place. When you get here, the staff is very friendly and accommodating. They will help you out in your concerns. Plus, the buffet breakfast they serve is really delicious too. Better snag a room now.