Canal House Panama is your home away from home in the Republic of Panama. This is a hotel that can give you a wonderful experience when you are traveling in the area. This is located at Casco Viejo, Panama which was named as among the UNESCO world heritage site. This is a very strategic place because every single important building, especially for tourists, is just within one to two blocks or just a few minutes away. This sits near the popular Canal Panama Museum and other sought-after tourist attractions. Here lie many different restaurants as well that offer local Panama cuisine. If you want to experience Panama culture through and through and immerse in it, then definitely this is the place to be.

Canal House Panama is a mansion-converted hotel. In itself, it hides a rich history that you’d enjoy discovering. It is elegant and sophisticated without being over the top which makes it a perfect venue for a home away from home. Since this was once basically a house, you will have a clinical feel like you get from normal hotels. There are also just a limited number of rooms which will not make you feel crowded. You can have the area without bumping elbows with other tourists at your every turn. The intimate setting is still maintained even if the whole place is fully booked.

Canal House Panama has already seen its share of development. Even though we can modernize our place, we still choose to retain our unique architectural structure and just adopt modern amenities. In that way, people who will come here would still be able to have the best experience while having a glimpse of the past. Make sure to make us your new home when you decide to visit the place in the future. We promise you a great experience on your travel here.